This package is a simple python app for logging Bitminter and MtGox info to log files. One can easily then feed the data into something like Splunk for further analysis/pretty charts.

Quick Setup

Clone the repo

$ cd your_code_folder
$ git clone
$ pip install requests #this is required
$ nano  #Make sure to add your own API key and SECRET key, otherwise you'll get my stats :)
$ python

This will immediately start logging your mining performance on the Bitminter pool to a file named bitminter.log.

Similarly, you can pull MtGox ticker data:

$ python

This will generate a file called mtgoxticker.log containing ticker information in JSON format.


The log data is formatted for ease of use in Splunk. What this essentially means is that everything is a key-value pair using the = char for pairing. Pairs are space (' ') separated. In both log files, that essentially amounts to one pair: Request={JSON_BLOB} with some timestamp information at the start of the line.


Run these puppies in Screen so that they can continue to run in the background with minimal fuss.

Example Output

After adding the data to Splunk, I was able to quickly generate the following dashboard:

Example Splunk Dashboard